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Visitation Supervisor
Title:Visitation Supervisor
Location:Cambridge, MN
Department:The Refuge Network - Community Advocacy
POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for supervising visits and providing a safe, secure environment, physically and emotionally, for children in alternate care by supervising visits with their natural parents at our visitation locations or another agreed upon site. The staffs schedule is flexible and determined by the hours and days available by the current schedule and or set by the visitation coordinator.

A. Visitation – 100%
 To supervise visits of non-custodial parents with their child (ren). This includes monitoring and recording all interactions with both parties from the start of the visit to the end of the visit.
 To treat families, social workers, GAL or anyone involved in a family’s case with respect and dignity.
 To intervene with the parent or child who demonstrates inappropriate physical or verbal behaviors.
 To maintain contact with the social worker assigned to the case and send reports in the timely manner set by the contact or visitation coordinator.
 To maintain contact with the GAL assigned to the case and send reports in the timely manner set by the contract or visitation coordinator.
 To be prompt and reliable in keeping scheduled visitation appointments and agreed schedules.
 To abide by the organization’s rules of confidentiality.
 To record time and mileage accurately and honestly. To turn in this information to the visitation coordinator in the time required.
 To inform Visitation Coordinator of illness, vacations, or other time off requests in as much advance as possible to give appropriate time to find a substitute worker for that visit.
 To treat The Refuge ~ a program of Family Pathways, staff and business in an appropriate and respectful manner and follow all rules set by the organization and visitation coordinator.

 High school diploma required.
 Must be able to pass a background check
 Dependable, flexible and patient
 Should be sensitive to the needs of the families we work with
 Should be capable of handling emergency situations if necessary
 Must hold a valid driver’s license to transport clients.
 Said vehicle must have valid insurance when transporting clients
 The staff must have a clean driving record to transport clients

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